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GoDataDriven Open Source Contribution: March 2017 Edition

08 Mar

Welcome to the Open Source at GoDataDriven, March 2017 edition. Read on for this month's pageant of open source contributions!


Using Druid With a Continuous Integration Pipeline

05 Mar

Analog to software engineering, the world of data science requires need continuous integration to deploy fast and confident new versions of your software.


How to Start a Data Science Project in Python

01 Mar

Having a good setup for your Data Science projects makes it easier for other people to work on your projects and makes them more reproducible.


Facebook's Prophet: Forecasting Stores Transactions

25 Feb

Quick look into the Prophet API for predicting the number of transactions in a shop.


BI Platform Interviews Giovanni Lanzani

16 Feb

I was recently interviewed by BI Platform to talk all things data science. There I talked extensively on how we do data science at our clients, with tips on how to begin your career in data science.


Import Partitioned Google Analytics Data in Hive Using Parquet

14 Feb

I was recently working on importing Google Analytics data into an Amazon EMR cluster. This post details the various issue you might run into if you'll try to do the same!


Moving From Excel to R

13 Feb

At Data Driven Commerce Vincent Warmerdam talked about the value of open source data tools in a modern-day workplace.


GoDataDriven Open Source Contribution: February 2017 Edition

03 Feb

I find that, for a service company, we are quite active in the open source world. However this remains pretty hidden in practice. So I thought that I can start to change that by publishing, every once in a while, the various contributions we make to open source projects, both old and new.


Monitoring HBase With Prometheus

29 Jan

This article shows how to monitor HBase using Prometheus by exposing an HTTP server which serves JMX beans in the Prometheus metric structure and visualize the metrics in Grafana.


How to Land a Job in Data Science

27 Jan

I was recently invited to give a talk at the PyData Amsterdam meetup. There I talked about how you can land a job in data science.