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How European Organizations Increase Their Innovation Speed with Smart Data Applications

20 Sep

Over 800 professionals shared their insights and experiences on topics like data strategy, implementing data science, technology, cloud, gdpr, and how to become attractive as an employer. In this article we share some of the key highlights of the results.


GoDataDriven open source contribution: August 2017 edition

08 Sep

Welcome to the Open Source at GoDataDriven, August 2017 Edition. We're late! We know


Solve Gcloud Terraform authentication issues

08 Sep

In this blog, I want to show an issue we encountered at a customer while working with Google Cloud and Terraform. We discovered that the Google SDK is having two different active logins. That is not completely clear at first sight.


Monitoring Kafka Consumer Offsets

27 Aug

Keep track of current and past Kafka consumer offset lag to see if your application is keeping up.


Machine Learning Application Skeleton

23 Aug

The need of the business to interact and understand the output from custom built machine learning models is increasing, here I provide an application skeleton to do just that with your Python made models.


Real time analytics: Divolte + Kafka + Druid + Superset

18 Aug

Divolte is our open source click stream collector which enables companies to gain insights in the usage of their products. These insights are easily visualized using Superset as an interactive slice and dice tool, utilizing Druid as a scalable backend.


Airflow Tutorial for Data Pipelines

11 Aug

This tutorial walks you through the basics of setting up and using Airflow, and it will give you some practical tips.


GoDataDriven open source contribution: July 2017 edition

31 Jul

Welcome to the Open Source at GoDataDriven, July 2017 Edition.


Continuous Deployment of Python eggs with VSTS on Azure

28 Jul

Create a basic continuous deployment pipeline for Python code with Visual Studio Team Services.


Hadoop and LDAP, as seen through Venetian blinds

01 Jul

My wife recently asked me to mount new Venetian blinds in the kids' bathroom. I thought that I'd be done in five minutes, but two hours later I still had to drill a single hole.