GoDataDriven Open Kitchen, partnering with UMC Utrecht

Two weeks from now, on June the 17th, there will be an Open Kitchen at the Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht (UMCU). The event is open but the amount of tickets is limited, so be quick!

There will be some pretty amazing food (anybody said truffel?) plus some cool T-Shirts (my wife says I have a terrible sense of fashion, so take the last statement with a grain of salt. The food, however, that should be really good).

But the real reason to get there is not the food but what we will do there.

What's an Open Kitchen anyway?

When I say Open Kitchen I mean that you get to take a look behind the scene, where the magic happens. Going to our Open Kitchen will get you a pretty good idea (albeit on a smaller scale) of what we do in our projects. At the same time, by getting hands-on experience with the data and showing off what you can do with it, we get a pretty good idea of how you'd perform in the day to day life at GoDataDriven. A sort of hiring event, but with a twist.

A good cause, or working pro-bono

This concept is pretty used at technology company, but what you get to do is often either very abstract or just hacking away. But, as I think GoDataDriven is a company which is much more than that, I proposed a different approach: helping people needing it.

That is why we decided to partner up with the Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht to make sense of the data from one of their department and guide them to improve the job or treatment of nurses, patients and doctors.

As many of you know, there are cuts in healthcare going on since almost 10 years. This hinders innovation, which is so necessary in a field where things are done the way they're done just because it's the way it has always been. Making decision in a data driven way can be a potential breath of fresh air in hospitals and healthcare in general. And it's up to you (and us) to make a difference!

Enough said now already! Click this link to head to the Eventbrite webpage, where you'll be able to sign up for the event. Remember: it's free, but place is limited!

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