GoDataDriven open source contribution: November 2017 edition

Welcome to the Open Source at GoDataDriven, November 2017 edition.

We start off with Jonatan. Jonatan recently started a new project, called FitHaxx, that will produce relevant feedback and personal advice based on data collected when using Strava.

This has all sorts of implications, such as depending on or using open source project in your software. One of them is stravalib, a library to provide simple client interface to Strava's REST API.

Jonatan felt he could improve the rate limit detection code in this library, so he contributed PR 124. Don't forget to check out FitHaxx if you're in exercise and Strava!

Kris contributed PR 9 to gatling-report to add the ability to parse the new version of Gatling simulation logs. He also contributed PR 3382 to Gatling itself, to add the handling of secure cookies (you can really tell Kris is active in the financial sector ;).

Alexander made the Run Id column clickable in Airflow Browse window, with PR 2801.

In all of this, Fokko never sleeps. With his newly found Airflow committer superpowers he opened PR 2755, 2764, 2783, 2784, 2803 and 2817. He was also active with Druid, where he committed PR 5015 and 5075. Finally he did an effort to get all the Avro versions to the same level to avoid future classpath headaces, in Parquet-mr 431.

Henk, seeing all the effort that Fokko pours into others' work, decided to help Fokko's with one of his open source repositories, docker-pyspark. He contributed PR 2.

To finish this edition: the other Bas joined the Scruid party with PR 3.

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