GoDataDriven Open Source Contribution for January 2019, the Apache Edition

Welcome to the Open Source contribution of GoDataDriven, the Apache edition.


The main character of this edition is the always prolific Fokko, who contributed to:

To finish with the Apache show, Bas did some work for Apache Airflow as well: PR 4443 and 4511.

With that done: Rodrigo was very active with Keras this month. He contributed a lot of work to the keras-preprocessing library, with 8 PRs: 130, 131, 133, 134, 136, 137, 138, and 156.

Contributing to lightfm with PR 402 and to our own Docker image for Airflow with PR 2 and 3 we have Diederik.

Tim was active in the home automation space and you can tell by what he did in the open: he contributed PR 20049 to home-assistant and PR 8153 to home-assistant.io! He also open sourced a repository to integrate home-assistant with PubSub and contributed the second PR to the growatt-api-client! Besides that, he contributed PR 192 to the databricks-cli!

To close it, Bas Beleen contributed PR 54 to scruid!

That's it for this edition! If you, like many others, are searching for you next challenge for 2019, don't forget we're hiring! (Especially software and data engineers!).

For more goodness follow me on Twitter: I'm gglanzani there!

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