GoDataDriven Open Source Contribution for February 2019, the first Open Source Initiatives edition

It has been quite some time we have been publishing what we give back to the community. But is what we do enough?

Last year we proposed to allocate 12 weeks a year (across the whole company) to work on open source projects. Data engineers and data scientists would have — twice a year, hence 6 weeks at a time — the possibility to pitch their own favourite open source project and get time — on GoDataDriven — to work on it.

We had numerous pitches, and many winners — we didn't want to allocate 6 weeks in a single project.

The winning projects were

  • Improving DAG parsing in Apache Airflow;
  • Improve documentation in evol;
  • A new project to set up Airflow locally to ease development;
  • Coordinating the release of Apache Avro 1.9.

Everyone is very excited about these projects and we will write in this channel what comes out of it!

While on boarding a new colleague, we forgot to tell him that he should let us know how much he contributes back to the community. But we didn't forget to tell him that we give back to the community, so he did lots of work in the meantime.

We are talking about Peter who did quite a bit of work for Apache Airflow with 12 PRs.

Bas was also pretty busy with Airflow, contributing 6 PRs.

Tim instead did more home-assistant stuff with PR 8496 and 21004 to home-assistant.io and home-assistant respectively.

Rodrigo did again some work on keras-preprocessing with 4 PRs.

Fokko was prolific as always with 3 PRs to Airflow, 9 PRs to Apache Avro, PR 7681 to Apache Flink, 2 PRs to Apache parquet-mr, four PRs to Apache Sqoop, and PR 152 to the bigdata-interop repository of Google Cloud.

Last but not least Vincent open sourced a new project, Brent, a small Python library that makes it easy to explore causal graphical modelling and do-calculus on systems with discrete variables.


That's it for this edition! If you, like many others, are searching for you next challenge for 2019, don't forget we're hiring! (Especially software and data engineers!).

For more goodness follow me on Twitter: I'm gglanzani there!

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